"I came in UK dreaming about building a new and bright future. It was hard like every start but ATA Couriers is the company who gave me a hand achieving all my goals. I never felt disappointed or let down by any of the crew. I met a very professional and lovely team which makes me very happy of being part of it "

“I have been working for Ata for about 3 years now. There is a good team environment, good management  and excellent flexible working conditions.”

“Hi. My name is Vasile Duca.Im from Moldova.I came in Uk two years ago.After one year working for different companies in warehouses like Tesco,i  found a job.A job  like courier in amazon delivery.on 3rd June I wrote a contract with Ata couriers ltd.After that my life changed completely in UK.after 2 weeks i started to earn between 450-600 every week regularly with also paid rented van.From first day i fall in love with this job.its a pleasure to see everyday how people are receiving parcels and leaving them with smile on their faces starting from childrens 4 years old to people 70 and more.Come with us and lets make our british dream come true with Amazon , with the best company Ata couriers ltd.”

“When I entered this job, as a driver. My previous manager Giani provided me with the guidance I needed to make sure  i was capable and competent at my job . At the same time, though, I was given the freedom and flexibility to look for creative solutions, which is how I ended up discovering helpful strategy to do my task. It is this attention to detail and innovative encouragement that has led to me to thoroughly enjoy working for Ata. I am incredibly grateful to ATA and all the managerial staff for giving us this platform to have a fruitful and pleasurable working environment.  colleagues and I are grateful for this opportunity.”